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What kind of dates do you prefer?

I like longer dinner dates so we can chat and have a laugh whilst getting to know each other over good food! I would say I prefer GFE dates as they come so naturally to me. However, I do live a busy life and certainly am not opposed to a shorter, fleeting date!

What kind of clients do you like to see?

I like respectful clients with good communication skills, good personal hygiene and good manners.

What screening information will I need to see you?

Please send me an introductory email with information about when and where you would like to meet, a few lines about yourself and any other information you would like to send.  I also require one of the following:

  • Reference from another provider who I can contact 

  • Photo ID (driving licence or passport)

  • Link to your professional LinkedIn profile and you can message my "recruitment" profile

  • An email from your work address to my alternate anonymous email. 

Once I have approved your screening, I require a small deposit of 50 GBP for 1-3 hour dates and 100 GBP for 3+ hours by gift card.

You didn't reply to my email, why not? ​

If you are sure you sent a polite email outlining a proposed booking and no unsafe practises, Please send a follow up email or text as occasionally my emails or contact form submissions can be sent to spam and I miss them. 

What happens to my deposit if i have to cancel?

If you need to cancel a date more less than 24 hours in advance then the deposit is sadly non refundable, however you can reuse it to rebook at a later date. In the rare occasion I need to cancel our booking, then your deposit will be refunded in full immediately. 

What will you wear on our date?

I dress in an elegant and fashionable style and will always be dressed appropriately for our date, I love to dress up and will wear a smart casual outfit unless you request otherwise. I also have a large selection of lingerie which I love to show off. 

Will you travel outside of London or the UK?

I will travel outside of London, but require a minimum booking of 4 hours with travel costs covered in advance and a 150 GBP deposit.

For travel abroad I require a minimum of an overnight booking with travel costs covered in advance. Please also consider my availability is somewhat limited as also work full time.